HASH ALMERIENSE 1In the hands of my fellow bloggers Almeria, Lola and Melania , I bring you today a typical recipe of Almeria. Sound and light.
I guess, as with all traditional recipes, in each house you have a particular version. I made the dish recipes combining my two companions and the result was great.
Why mackerel? At home there are two fish in love with this blue so that, as we have half a chance, we included in our menu.


- 1 kg of pumpkin 
- 2 potatoes 
- 1 onion 
- 2 or 3 cloves garlic 
- 1 green pepper 
- 1 can of red peppers 
- 2 ripe tomatoes 
- Caldo 
- freshly ground cumin 
- olive oil 
- 1 large mackerel 
- Sal and pepper 
- Flour for mackerel marinade: - Salt and pepper - 2 cloves garlic, pressed - A little paprika - A little vinegar - Oregano  

At least two hours before adobamos mackerel, cleaned and made into steaks, mixing all the marinade ingredients.

In a pan with olive oil started sautéing the onion, 2 cloves minced garlic and pepper. When they start to brown add the peeled and chopped tomatoes. Fry a few minutes until “oil up” and continue putting the squash and potatoes to medium squares.
Season and cook over medium heat a few minutes. We add the bell pepper into pieces and the rest of crushed garlic in a mortar along with the cumin seeds and a little paprika.
Two or three minutes later put semitapado broth and cook until tender.
Scurried mackerel, went through flour and fry in olive oil.
Serve the hash and put a piece of mackerel on each plate.


POLLO CITRICOS 2I saw this recipe in “Knowing how to cook” and loved it. Only adapted it to our taste. I preferred that protruded too sweet taste.
Our jam was homemade strawberry jam and Cristina Kike. The wine, dry and not as sweet as the original recipe suggested. I climbed the amount of thyme and lowered the amount of sugar and apple. To us liked the balance of flavors.


- Chicken Thighs 
- 1 onion 
- 3 cloves garlic 
- 6 French onions 
- 1 orange 
- 1 lemon 
- 1 block 
- Half a glass of dry white wine 
- thyme 
- 1 tablespoon sugar 
- 1 tablespoon strawberry jam 
- Salt and pepper 
- Asparagus  

 Season the chicken and sprinkle with thyme at least two hours before. After that, put oil in a pan and fry until golden. Reserved.In the same pan brown them also onions. Reserved. Do the same with the asparagus.

Add a little more oil if necessary and fry the onion and garlic finely chopped. Add the chicken and sugar. When you begin to incorporate the onions caramelize and part of the skin of the orange and lemon into thin strips and cut apple into small cubes.
Add the orange juice and lemon (not all). We took the wine, waited a few minutes and finally the broth or water with bouillon concentrate. We put a little thyme and freshly ground pepper.
After 15 minutes, put the jam and cook over medium heat until chicken is tender and sauce has reduced. We can only put the asparagus and add salt.


CREAM OF ASPARAGUS 2We can still make this delicious cream of asparagus smooth and sure we will comfort.

You can use canned asparagus and use the juice. In any case, if suddenly comes heat, cold will be just as good. If you prefer you can always make ASPARAGUS SALMOREJO we both liked at home.


– 1 bunch green asparagus
- 1 onion
- 1 leek
- 2 potatoes
- 1 clove garlic
- Salt and pepper
- Dill
- 2 eggs cooked
- Soup

We clean and chop the asparagus with hands eliminating the hardest parts. We left some points by the end of the dish. In a saucepan boil the broth or bouillon concentrate and water. We take the asparagus and bake 5 to 6 minutes. Drain them and reserve the broth.

In the pot, with a base of olive oil, poached chive, leek and garlic finely chopped. Then the chopped potatoes and sauté a few more minutes. Finally incorporate the asparagus, season and cover with broth before.
When everything is tender, grind well with mixer until creamy smooth.
We decorate with slices of boiled egg, some dill and asparagus tips.


COD AND RICE WITH MUSHROOMSThis form of cooking rice with cod’s you can not lose. Yo, I’m in full adaptation to this “stupid,” as my friend says Valentine , I have to admit I liked it.

The contribution of mushrooms makes this rice becomes mellow and smooth on the palate. With a good cod, a success. Ingredients: 
1 cup rice – 250g unsalted cod crumbs – 1 medium onion – 4 or 5 cloves of garlic – 1 medium ripe tomato – 1 chorizo ​​pepper – 200 g mixed mushrooms – 1 small glass of white wine – salt and pepper – Olive oil \

We soak the peppers in warm water at least a couple of hours before you start cooking.

In the bowl of a blender grind the pepper along with a clove of garlic and a little wine.
In a pan with olive oil fry the onions and garlic finely chopped. When they start to brown add the chopped tomato. Continue sautéing a few minutes until the tomatoes lose some water. 
We incorporate the cod and stir until it changes color. Pour the pepper paste and the remaining wine. We let the alcohol evaporate and season carefully, considering that brings salt cod.
Add the rice and sauté a couple minutes. Cover with water or broth twice the amount we put rice and stir carefully.
While rice is cooking, prepare the mushrooms by wiping them well and sauté with a couple of cloves of garlic and a little pepper for a few minutes.
When the rice is almost ready, incorporate the mushrooms, salt tested, move carefully and let stand covered 5 minutes.