Smoked Whole Chicken Recipe |

Smoked Whole Chicken Recipe |

For the full recipe visit my blog at Smoked whole chicken recipe, my step-by-step recipe for using a chicken brine for bbq chickens with a chicken dry…
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  1. Kenneth Settles says:

    Great Video! I like your pace of doing everything, very informative. Thanks
    for sharing. Looks delicious!

  2. Terrell Walker says:

    Very nice job Malcolm you did wonderfully. Next I would like to request
    honey smoked, honey roasted, and last but not least spicy smoked chicken. I
    thank that would nice awesome to cook for youtube. I absolutely love food
    more than that I love to cook. One day I will be able to cook for youtube
    one day.

  3. Cris Workizer says:

    Awesome job Malcome ..I do it pretty much th same way just on the weber
    kettle grill. sometimes with apple or cherry wood or no wood. have to build
    me a UDS.

  4. Marty Smith says:


  5. daltongang73 says:

    I think I am going to do this next weekend. I have never use a brine but
    always been wanting to. Am really loving this channel!

  6. Gladys C says:

    I’m drooling! thanks for video!

  7. Matthew Long says:

    Absolutely love this channel! All the way over in Australia. I’m from
    Townsville, North Queensland. I’ve done your competition BBQ ribs recipe
    and they are Yum!!! Just about to try the whole chicken. 

  8. Michael Ontiveros says:

    If you only had one smoker and had to smoke whole chickens and ribs at the
    same time how would you do that ? Do the ribs hotter and faster or the
    chicken slower and cooler ? 

  9. BloodSweatnBassOutside says:

    Sounds and looks like a real simple and easy recipe to follow I just built
    my drum smoker this past Father’s Day and wanted to start out with whole
    birds just to get a feel for the smoker. I will be using your tips to get
    er’ done…Thanks for sharing 

  10. Fred Sluster says:

    benefit to tiring them up?

  11. flosilk1 says:

    Chicken with bleach??

  12. Lynn Kramer says:

    After you have brined them, there is no live bacteria left on the chicken
    carcasses. Your gloves are a badge of ignorance of hygiene. Sprays like you
    use have several nasty carcinogens which is why that should not be used
    either. I hope your rub has no salt as the brine would have made it salty

  13. Abigail Jordan says:

    Dang even I can do that! 

  14. Fred Sluster says:


  15. Yama Jii says:

    Bro, you’re freaking awesome!

  16. CLG73180 says:

    Malcom I must say you are a in depth teacher and the man. god bless brotha.

  17. Jennifer Murkin says:

    Thats big man right cher. Never trust a skinny chef…

  18. Sherman Green says:
  19. Angel Fernandez says:

    I tried smoking a chicken but it didn’t come out like that :( you make it
    look so easy 

  20. otis ellis says:

    Smoked chicken is the best. 

  21. eric lloyd says:

    Ol boy that bird came out great!!!!! Taking 5 for Xmas part today thanks

  22. richiesbbq says:

    Great info and great vid!

  23. MadSmokerBBQ says:

    You make it look easy. Your confidence is inspiring.

  24. lakedog19352 says:

    4 lb chicken can feed 6-8 people? I can eat that whole bad boy myself!
    Looks awesome!!

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