How to Cook Japanese Chicken Tempura : Delicious Asian Recipes

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READ DESCRIPTION Today my mom is going to show you how to make Noum Lot Recipe. If you enjoyed seeing this please leave a like, rate, comment, subscribe, share, and favorite. Thank You.
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15 Responses to “How to Cook Japanese Chicken Tempura : Delicious Asian Recipes”

  1. mcaren123 says:

    Thank you Kevin for the video — great tips — especially for a tempura
    novice like me.

  2. Peggy Ross says:

    how long do I fry them for?

  3. bairuta08 says:

    I just made them.Amazing, so simple and quick, the chopstic idea is
    super,and the chicken inside is juicy,while on the outside it is crispy. 10
    points !

  4. Jessica Stewart says:

    I SO much enjoy your family, your Mom and these recipes! I am fascinated
    by the different ingredients and techniques your Mom uses to create her
    wonderful foods, and I may try a few soon. Please thank your Mom, and know
    that your work in getting these wonderful videos out is appreciated! :)

  5. leange heng says:

    hi aunt! i wonder what does lime water used for? and what do we call it in

  6. Leang E Heng says:

    hi aunty i’m not sure about the lime water. Can u translate it in Khmer?

  7. Nary Rith says:

    Hi bong , how much lime stone you in the water ?

  8. Healthy and Easy Recipes by Sel says:
  9. Lemon Grass says:

    Thank you meang for sharing. I will try someday to make instead of buying
    already bought at the story. 

  10. Lisa Rose says:

    Very nice. Thank you

  11. Tulip Voung says:

    Your mom is very organized when cooking! Also I like the ingredients they
    are very good and thanks for the recipe!

  12. Nary Rith says:

    Hi bong , I did try to made Lort , didn’t turn out right bong . I need more
    top please bong . Thanks in advance !

  13. Tulip Voung says:

    and btw sometimes your recording is too high and i can’t see the food

  14. Nary Rith says:

    Orkoun bong srey for lort recipe . I will try to made today I’ll let you ,
    how it turn out .

  15. XOhhhNoooX says:

    Hi Ming. Thank you so much for your cooking videos. I enjoy watching them.
    I also want to know how to make “nhom ko” if you have time please show me
    how it’s done. I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you Ming!

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