Homemade Flatbread Pizza

Recipe below. Subscribe to Hungry for more tasty recipes and how-to guides: Megan puts her own fresh spin on traditional flatbread pizza…
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Great Healthy Recipes for Kids featuring Pizza! These great healthy snacks for kids are low carb and easy. The Mexican pizza recipe is our favorite! http://w…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Homemade Flatbread Pizza”

  1. tina sawhney says:

    U rock lady, can’t wait to try it out today!!!! Thnx for sharing !!!!!

  2. YumDom says:

    Yes it’s true, we eat with our eyes first. Impress your dinner guests with
    “Secrets of a Food Stylist.”

  3. bambang sibarani says:

    she is gorgeus

  4. Megan Mitchell says:

    Instead of using a pizza stone, which not everyone has, I use a sheet tray.
    I flip it over so the pizza is super easy to slide off. I can also make the
    flatbread slightly larger than I could on the lipped side (which is always
    a good thing). Thanks for your question!

  5. avfromc says:

    God, i love the olive oil. Olive oil is the best. It’s the only oil i use.
    soooo gooooood. :3

  6. tigerlilygirl1990 says:

    it’s not Laura’s recipe, the base is different, and the toppings differ
    slightly. Aside from that, it’s a pizza, and chefs get inspiration from
    each other all the time, you see a recipe you like, and you change it up a
    little to suit your tastes and it evolves. Cooking isn’t stagnant, it is an
    evolving process.

  7. Buraion says:

    so how would we form the dough if we didn’t have that handy mixer?

  8. Badzeep says:

    Uhg, I’m so hungry.

  9. Michelle Lee says:

    I wanna make this now !!

  10. nuday10 says:

    Really love her videos!

  11. Tiffanycharmxox says:

    I did this recipe but I was too lazy to make a flat bread so I made like a
    tart using puff pastry and it was fantastic! So much flavor! thanks megan!

  12. akinoyume says:

    Potatoes on pizza sound yummy. Its very popular in Japan but I’ve yet to
    try it. I hope you show more food styling ideas/tips on your future

  13. KamaiChan says:

    I like her :3

  14. Remi J says:

    Geez a bit excessive with the oil…looks tasty though. A bit of pancetta
    would have gone a long way

  15. hineighbor says:

    She made my dough rise

  16. ITALIANprankster says:

    she loves that wood thingy :)) seen her smile ? 4:51

  17. Isak Fahlis says:

    FIRST, and that looks amazing <3

  18. Nia Nguyen says:

    She’s so pretty!

  19. billy skala says:

    Megin shitshol

  20. Megan Mitchell says:

    It’s Taleggio cheese which is a soft cows milk cheese. It is similar to
    brie but with a slightly tangy taste.

  21. epithymbria says:

    Yeast isn’t a bacteria…. but I guess it doesn’t matter. :P It’s fungi, if
    anyone’s wondering.

  22. SassyKiwi says:

    awful, just awful! So much criticism. so much hate! and for what? nothing.
    Absolutely nothing… so pull your health obsessed panties out of your
    behind and besides, did you make it? no? thought so. Therefor, you can’t
    really judge that.

  23. Patrick Star says:

    So much oil… .-.

  24. Megan Mitchell says:

    Thank you! Old Martha is the best Martha!

  25. Michael Myers says:

    7:43 “I’m a corner girl” haha she knew what she was saying too!

  26. fraklein says:

    Low fat cheese is too high in carbs for diabetics. Naturally occurring fat
    in the milk the cheese is great for diabetics since it slows down carb
    absorption and doesn’t increase insulin levels. Protein and carb increase
    insulin but fat doesn’t, so a low fat diet doesn’t make sense for diabetes.
    We need fat more than we need carbs. Since I switched to a very low
    carb/high fat diet, I’ve kept my glucose levels in the normal range without
    any medications. I hate to see people led down a primrose path to loss of
    eyesight and limbs.

  27. Wangmaster IV says:

    We like pitsa.

  28. 109mytiger says:

    cheese is not healty food

  29. lillydluvsskittles says:

    so LOL at 55 seconds. nice wholesome nut butter. so lol

  30. haruka deyoung says:

    I thoght this was pizza instead it was stupid mexican pizza I was hoping

  31. sarahdude says:

    they have mexican pizza at taco bell

  32. OvoPiano says:

    low fat mozzarella doens’t many any sense, cheese fat naturally occurring
    in the milk the cheese is made with is healthy and is great for diabetics
    since it slow down carb absorption and doesn’t increase insulin levels.
    Protein and carb increase insulin but fat doesn’t, so a low fat diet
    doesn’t make sense for diabetes and it’s nutritionally pure. We need fat
    more than we need carbs.

  33. Jenni Magana says:

    why didn’t it show him biting/tasting the pizza? lol

  34. undacovaBrudah06 says:

    lol i gotta try this recipe out. Muchos gracias for the post

  35. Batman on Weed says:

    yumm this was realy good realy good with my friends!!! i lost 10 pounds!

  36. Tashagirl10 says:

    the pizza looks good

  37. AlmondEyes661 says:

    i’m mexican, and i never heard of this recipes either lol….but looks
    yummy im going to try it

  38. angelm96number18 says:

    im mexican n that is like a huge tostada not pizza

  39. Fenix333 says:

    @ChunkyBowlSurprise I love Mexican Pizza even though it’s not healthy.
    Homemade refried beans, cheese, chorizo, beacon, onions and tomatoe. You
    can’t go wrong if you want variety other than the pepperoni/Hawaiing pizza.

  40. nikkihinojosa says:

    So it is technically a flat taco?

  41. Jose Ahumada says:

    Thats just a damn flat taco……

  42. Alan Sun says:


  43. ChunkyBowlSurprise says:

    @ElDuderino909 I have to disagree, Pizza was first made in Napoli, but it
    wasn’t a popular dish. The pizza craze happened in the US in the 20’s. The
    opening of pizza shops like Grimaldi’s NY in 1905 made this possible. by
    1940, pizza was a household name. However, I do agree that pizza was only
    possible because of the exploration voyages by Europeans and the discovery
    of America. Remember, that europe didn’t have tomatoes! could you imagine?
    what would italian food be without tomatoes?!!!

  44. meganmedical says:

    A Megan Medical Health recommended video- Childrens Snacks to go……

  45. elizabeth bowie says:


  46. Kevisbeast Z says:

    im mexican and this pizza is only called mexican because it has beans saves
    que cabron estas vien rasista

  47. smileybug14 says:

    @watAnonymouse pizza u mean

  48. ripppking says:

    0:50 “nice wholesome NUTBUTTER” LMAO

  49. MsKillerqueen5 says:

    There is such thing as mexican pizza….but it has, beans, chorizo, bacon,
    and jalapenos, with cheese, etc….its super typical in mexico, maybe not
    in the U.S., tastes really good actually

  50. love9boy says:

    is one pizza, one serving?

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