4 Great Bacon Desserts | Bacon Recipes

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23 Responses to “4 Great Bacon Desserts | Bacon Recipes”

  1. Fernando Rodriguez says:

    Mmmmmm pigs

  2. Cat Aristide says:

    Love the makeup lol.

  3. Diego Fernández says:

    where are the recipes? :(

  4. Minecraft says:

    bacon ice cream, and bacon fried in bacon grease I’ve heard of

  5. TheBudderWolf411 says:

    Bacon cupcakes I’ve had

  6. Anthony Peppers says:

    That shirt tho.

  7. DessieandAbby says:

    The hell? I thought he was going to give us a recipe. Instead he wants to
    give a speech how bacon is good with desserts!! I will never understand!!!!

  8. redhot says:

    Quit promoting bacon . Pigs are very abused and mistreated and don’t
    deserve it just so people van fulfill their taste buds. Look into factory
    farming where 98%of our food comes from . Its horrendous and very sad
    .People can survive without pork products !!!! Find alternatives . There
    are great ones out there . These lovely beings are being tortured and
    living in small cages they can’t even turn around in . I love bacon but
    have found out what happens and stopped immediately . Please consider

  9. statseaton says:

    It saws 4 great bacon deserts…. But all I saw was a speech about bacon :l
    & unknown deserts he’s made for PLp

  10. mentaldcuo benjamin says:

    Fat ass xD

  11. Narda Gutierrez says:


  12. Shane Wilson says:

    Pigs and chocolate yumm….

  13. jesus lopez says:

    This nigga

  14. Creamy☯Mud says:

    holy shit this guy has some deep thoughts about bacon.

  15. zederish says:

    hi can you do a video on 4 great fish ice cream ideas? great video

  16. Minecraft says:

    why b

  17. Jesseca Greene says:


  18. Gadsden says:

    to die from diabetus

  19. prometheusneedshelp says:

    Dude, ignore those haters. But bacon with dessert? A bit too far…

  20. Bash Cat says:

    what about bacon strippers?

  21. prometheusneedshelp says:

    I like a lot of your recipes though, very much! Those haters are fakes
    anyway!. Do what you do!

  22. CrazyCandyFreakGirl says:


  23. Easy Cooking says:

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