TOSTON WITH RICE 2“Almost Murcia vegetable rice” with the addition of pig that I really liked. The meat, if you prefer, you can put it at the end “churruscadita” because we have used frying oil. In any case I am sure you would like to try. Sure.

- Rice (1 cup and a half to 4 people) 
- 600 grams of pig chopped 
- 3 or 4 artichokes 
- 2 green peppers Italian 
- Half red pepper 
- 1 medium onion 
- 3 cloves garlic 
- A handful of peas 
- 1 tomato mature 
- Half a glass of white wine 
- pepper, oregano, turmeric and salt 
- Olive oil  

Adobamos the pork with salt, pepper, turmeric, oregano, a few drops of vinegar or wine. Stir and let sit for a day before cooking.

We clean the artichokes, cut into quarters and boil 10 minutes with tough leaves. We add a little oil and a bar of broth or homemade stock. Strain the broth and reserve. We took the quarter artichokes and let drain.
Heat up a pan with a little oil and brown them piglet. It has to be toasted, roasted enough … Reserved.
In a large pot put oil and fry the red pepper and green. Aside and follow the same oil fry the garlic, onion and other very chopped pepper. When oil comes out add the rice, peas, artichokes, suckling pig and wine. Stir a couple of minutes and, then, the strained broth.
Season and let cook until rice is tender to your liking. We let it sit a few minutes and serve accompanying the rest of the peppers we booked at first.


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