You can not miss these breasts with pepper bechamel. I like them grilled, are much tastier if the boil.
It is important not to let the bechamel too cool to cover the chicken well. Fry in plenty of oil to brown well on all sides and above all, do not do a lot at one time or temperature would drop and would open. That’s the secret.

If you bechamel spare, you can take advantage of adding tuna and make a small kibble for a snack.


- 1 chicken breast fillets, not too thin 
- 1 liter of hot milk 
- 125 g flour 
- 125 g butter or light olive oil (or half and half) 
- Pepper 
- Nutmeg 
- 2 peppers Italian 
- Medium onion 
- salt 
- Breadcrumbs 
- Egg


Salpimentamos breast fillets and brown them quickly, without making them too, in a pan with a little olive oil. Reserved.

Peppers prepare the bechamel:
In a nonstick saucepan heat the butter. Incorporate finely chopped onion, poached a few minutes and add the peppers cut into thin strips. We put a little salt and continue sautéing until everything is tender. Then threw the flour and stir well.
We will be adding hot milk gradually, helping to rods. Will remove continuously until we obtain a bechamel smooth and firm. Put the pepper, nutmeg and salt it to our liking.
Let stand until cool slightly.
Once we cool well beaten egg and breadcrumbs. Then we introduce one by one the fillets and place them in a bowl until completely cool.
Prepare a pan with plenty of olive oil and let fry in batches (two at best) until they turn golden brown. The we placing on paper towels to absorb the oil.

All served with a salad of tomato, red onion and black olives.

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